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SafePorter serves as a data trust and our tools provide the business solutions that ensure

your organization only has to hold and protect the information you truly need .

                                               Minimize the personal data you collect; maximize the

                                                 insight and aggregate information at your disposal.

 Diversity Surveys

Anonymity leads to candid responses and a higher rate of data subject participation.

Diversity Reporting and Certification to your Authorized Third-Parties

SafePorter's DataProtected service offers our clients verified certification and reporting to clients, government agencies, and other pre-authorized third parties.

 Inclusion Feedback

Allow your employees to give the candid feedback that will ensure the integrity of your programs and allow you to refine and tailor related initiatives. 

Comprehensive Metrics and Analytics 


Our clients have access to real time regional and industry insights based on the aggregate backdrop of other market participants. Access to verified comparative data allows for compelling internal reporting and increased stakeholder engagement.

Organizational Feedback

Verified clients, employees and service providers can be engaged to provide candid and organizational feedback.

Vendor and Service Provider and Subcontractor ESG and DEI Program Tracking

The DataProtected suite allows our

clients to securely survey, track and report on service provider and 

subcontractor diversity, as well as DEI program, ESG and other custom corporate social responsibility criteria.

Cutting-edge privacy-centric tools and software-as-a-service (SaaS)


Secure surveys build trust and allow for candid opinions and feedback, and broader diversity metrics.

Our DataProtected tools suite puts privacy first. Clients benefit from important feedback, clear metrics, and the trust of their data subjects (who can access, change, or delete their information at any time). The security DataProtected brings promotes candor and a higher level of engagement with culture and belonging surveys.


With our trust-based approach to engagement and DEI, your organizations are able to move past the scope of standard questions without overstepping. We also offer regional and global DEI reporting and diversity verification services for local government agencies and other client-authorized third parties.


Inclusion feedback portal

Our inclusion feedback portal gives organizations unprecedented access to anonymous feedback about the employee experience regarding inclusion, perceived bias, and accessibility issues. Using the portal, team members can share de-identified binary feedback around organizational culture, accessibility and inclusion indicators, as well as other key client program markers.


This information lets stakeholders easily monitor progress and perception. Now more than ever, clients can leverage real, relevant feedback and adjust course accordingly. 


                                                                               Comprehensive Metrics and Analytics

Access to verified comparative data improves internal reporting and increases stakeholder engagement.

DataProtected clients have access to real-time regional and industry insights. This data is based entirely on the aggregate backdrop of other market participants, and it’s available when you need it.


Diagnose Risk Areas

Track Progress of Initiatives

Calculate Program ROI

Flag and Manage Bias and Blindspots

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