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Image that says in a graphic font "Inclusion & Diversity & Lawfulness & Fairness & Transparency & Purpose limitation & Data minimization & Accuracy & Storage limitation & Integrity & Confidentiality & Accountability."


Employees and other survey respondents are not known to us.

DataProtected surveys and inclusion feedback mechanisms are completed using only a client-activated SafePorter ID provided to the respondent by the client. No password or correspondence is needed at any time between the DataProtected system and the respondents.



The ability to amend, correct and delete is at all times within the respondent's direct control.

When a survey is corrected or amended, any new information set in overwrites the prior answer for that aspect of the survey. Opt-out, deletion and removal of the survey data is always within the data subject's direct  and immediate control.




Other-than-aggregate data is never available to clients.

Respondent data that will alter the aggregate data available to the client in a way that might make it identifiable due to timing or number of respondents is held back from the client dashboard until it is no longer identifiable. 


SafePorter IDs are de-activated at the time of respondent off-boarding, termination of engagement with client, or scheduled retention requirements.

Respondent data is permanently deleted and removed from the DataProtected system upon de-activation of the SafePorter ID or at the end of the client-scheduled retention period.



How do we secure the data we hold?

Security is the first ingredient in everything we build, and Privacy by Design is the core of our organization. Each aspect of our platform is isolated and distinct. Respondent and feedback data are stored in a separate and secure database that solely reports out in the aggregate. Please see also our Vulnerability Disclosure Policy, linked and embedded below.



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